Foldable Ladders, 90⁰, Inox 316

Made of Inox 316, Nuova Rade Foldable Ladder guarantees easy and perfect fit on the boat. It ensures a safe boarding and disembarking of the boat while it has a foldable mechanism that allows to fold in 90° to save space on board. It contains a variety of grey antislip steps. You can choose the one that covers totally your needs as, it is available in five different dimensions. A perfectly practical addition to any boat.

Code Title A B
55699 Foldable Ladder,Inox 316,1+2 steps,90⁰ 650mm 140mm
55700 Foldable Ladder,Inox 316,2+2 steps,90⁰ 900mm 390mm
55701 Foldable Ladder,Inox 316,3+2 steps,90⁰ 1150mm 640mm
55702 Foldable Ladder,Inox 316,2+3 steps,90⁰ 1150mm 390mm
55703 Foldable Ladder,Inox 316,3+3 steps,90⁰ 1400mm 690mm