Diverter Valve, 3-way, for tanks

The Nuova Rade 3-way Diverter Valve for tanks is a universal valve that can be used installed on boards or on bilge evacuation systems. It allows the operator to choose between two outlets.


  •  Corrosion resistant ABS and stainless steel structure.
  • Ideal for marine sewage and bilge pumpout systems.
  • Ports: 1-1/2’’ ID flexible hose
  •  Can be padlocked.
  •  Long distance control by means of a push-pull cable.

Bilge Systems: For boats having two separate bilge areas, the 3 way Diverter allows to empty either one, with only one pump.

Sewerage Systems: When installed in the holding tank discharge line, the y-valve allows the choice between pumpout through a deck fitting or directly through a seacock. When installed in the marine toilet discharge line, it allows the choice between storing the effluent in the waste tank or discharging it directly overboard (if legal).

Code Title
196791 Diverter Valve, 3-way, for tanks