Battery Box Up To 80Ah

  • External Dimensions (LxWxH):340x230x250mm 
  • Internal Dimensions / Maximum battery size (LxWxH) = 280x195x230mm 
  • Designed for batteries up to 280mm long (of group sizes 24, 25, 34, 35, among others)
  • Mounting equipment: Includes durable hold-down fastening strap and foot clamps that secure the strap onto the supporting surface (screws not included)
  • Restrains battery movement
  • Collects battery acid
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Acid, UV and heat resistant
  • Side handles to facilitate transportation
  • Lift-off lid for unobstructed inspection
  • Cable ports for untangled, safe cables


Tips to choose the best fit for your battery:

  • Ideally, choose the internal dimensions to be equal or slightly larger than your battery.
  • Use a spacer where it is needed to prevent the battery from moving within the box.
  • Remember to include the height of the terminals while measuring the battery.
Code Title
196508 Battery Box Up To 80Ah, Ext.Dim.340x230x250mm