EURO 1 Escape Hatch (448 x 268mm)

EURO 1 & 2 Hatches are framed hatches with a thick frame made of UV-resistant high-grade ASA, providing resistance to damage and chemical solvents. They have a UV resistant, 8 mm thick plexiglass
window, that can stay open. Designed for external use. Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. These hatches are mounted with hidden screws for discrete appearance. EPDM rubber gasket
provides resistance to water.

Designed & produced in Italy.
CE approved by Rina.

Code Title Colour A B C D H I P Q
47079 EURO 1 Hatch, 448x268mm White 268mm 448mm 196mm 376mm 209mm 389mm 25-55mm 22mm