Inspection Hatches

Made of UV-resistant high-grade ASA in order to provide resistance to damage and chemical solvents. Available in many dimensions and in a variety of colours (white, grey, cream). It features a self-centering thread with an O-ring to prevent the water inflow.

Designed & produced in Italy.

Code Title Colour A B C
196434 Inspection Hatch, White, Int.Ø108mm White 108mm 162mm 120mm
196439 Inspection Hatch, Cream, Int.Ø108mm Cream 108mm 162mm 120mm
196441 Inspection Hatch, Grey, Int.Ø108mm Grey 108mm 162mm 120mm
196443 Inspection Hatch, White, Int.Ø133mm White 133mm 187mm 145mm
196448 Inspection Hatch, Cream, Int.Ø133mm Cream 133mm 187mm 145mm
196450 Inspection Hatch, Grey, Int.Ø133mm Grey 133mm 187mm 145mm
196452 Inspection Hatch, White, Int.Ø168mm White 168mm 222mm 180mm
196457 Inspection Hatch, Cream, Int.Ø168mm Cream 168mm 222mm 180mm
196459 Inspection Hatch, Grey, int. Ø168mm Grey 168mm 222mm 180mm