Inspection Hatches

This hatch is available in three dimensions and in white colour. It is made of UV-resistant high-grade ASA in order to provide resistance to damage and chemical solvents. It has no hinges, so that you can completely remove the cover. Its opening is easy, since the specially designed thread automatically ejects the cover, once you turn it 360ο counter clockwise. Furthermore, it features non-skid surface and hidden screws for smarter appearance.

Designed & produced in Italy.   


Code Title Colour A B C
195380 Inspection Hatch, Int.Ø100mm, ISO, White White 100mm 139mm 114mm
195381 Inspection Hatch, Int.Ø125mm, ISO, White White 125mm 164mm 139mm
195382 Inspection Hatch, Int. Ø150mm, ISO, White White 150mm 205mm 165mm