MID LINE Deck Hatches (355 x 600mm)

MID LINE deck hatch is available in many dimensions, in white colour. Made of UV-resistant high-grade ASA, it provides resistance to damage and chemical solvents. Designed for external use. UVresistant
frame and cover with a 180ο opening door and two durable handles. It is specially designed with a non-skid surface and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. This hatch is mounted
with hidden screws for discrete appearance. EPDM rubber gasket provides resistance to water. It guarantees easy opening and easy access when needed.

Option with lock can be also provided (non ISO). Designed & produced in Italy.

Code Title Model Colour A B C D H I
196849 MID LINE Hatch, White, 355x600mm Standard White 355mm 600mm 250mm 500mm 282mm 529mm
196852 MID LINE Hatch w/Lock, White, 355x600mm With Lock White 355mm 600mm 250mm 500mm 282mm 529mm