Thru-Hulls Elbow 90º for Hose, PA

Elbow thru-hulls are the answer to the most common plumbing issues:

  • Allow major room saving, as they can be used with a hose running along the hull
  • Avoid making a bend in the hose, which can sometimes be a source of leak or breakage
  • Require a simplified installation process inside the hull, carried out by one person only. You can hold it firmly with one hand, while screwing with the other hand
Code Title Colour ØA ØB ØF ØD E C G Material
39548 Thru-Hull Elbow 90º, for Hose Ø20mm, PA, White White 26.3mm 20.8mm 14.7mm 45mm 40mm 84mm Hull thickn. <20mm Ø28mm PA
39549 Thru-Hull Elbow 90º, for Hose Ø25mm, PA, White White 30.3mm 26.2mm 19mm 53mm 40mm 90.5mm Hull thickn. <20mm Ø33mm PA
39550 Thru-Hull Elbow 90º, for Hose Ø38mm, PA, White White 48mm 39mm 31.7mm 70mm 45mm 114mm Hull thickn. <20mm Ø50mm PA