Fresh Water Tank

Nuova Rade fresh water tanks are used for fresh water storage in sailboats or yachts. The line of horizontal fresh water tanks is made of polyethylene material, in white colour. The line consists of a
full range of 9 models complying with international standards and is used for fresh water collection and storage. All contain a cap with seal.

Available customised solutions (colour or dimensions) upon request & sufficient quantities.

Code Title Capacity L W H G A B C
45359 Water Tank 30lt 550x400x140mm 30lt 560mm 400mm 140mm 155mm 325mm 140mm 120mm
45360 Water Tank 70lt 580x580x200mm 70lt 580mm 580mm 200mm 220mm 345mm 230mm 120mm
45361 Water Tank 48lt 400x480x250mm 48lt 480mm 400mm 250mm 265mm 180mm 140mm 120mm
45362 Water Tank 59lt 680x460x190mm 59lt 680mm 460mm 190mm 205mm 410mm 170mm 120mm
45363 Water Tank 72lt 680x460x230mm 72lt 680mm 460mm 230mm 245mm 410mm 170mm 120mm
45364 Water Tank 84lt 700x400x300mm 84lt 700mm 400mm 300mm 315mm 290mm 140mm 120mm
45365 Water Tank 85lt 880x480x200mm 85lt 880mm 480mm 200mm 215mm 380mm 180mm 120mm
45366 Water Tank 80lt 650x450x280mm 80lt 650mm 450mm 280mm 295mm 265mm 165mm 120mm
45367 Water Tank 140lt 1200x450x260mm 140lt 1200mm 450mm 260mm 275mm 935mm 165mm 120mm