DIABLO line of horizontal tanks is made of recyclable HDPE material, consisting of a full range of 10 models complying with international standards. DIABLO can be used for fuels such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol, alternative fuels and organic vegetable oils. It can be also used for either fresh or waste water. The advantage of this line of tanks is the ‘EASY SWITCH’ plate, which can be purchased separately based on the use of the tank, and it is manually interchangeable. The plate used for fuel comes in red colour, the plate for fresh water in blue colour and the one for waste water in brown colour. It is secured and sealed by rotation of the piece itself and is blocked into position by means of a locking pin that prevents loosening. To clean the tank just lift the locking pin and remove the hatch by unscrewing it.

Easy Washable / Various Uses

Fuel | Fresh Water | Waste Water

Code Title Capacity Length Width Height
197477 DIABLO Tank 37lt H.230mm / L.500mm w/o Plate 37lt 500mm 360mm 230mm
197478 DIABLO Tank 48lt H.230mm / L.650mm w/o Plate 48lt 650mm 360mm 230mm
197479 DIABLO Tank 60lt H.230mm / L.800mm w/o Plate 60lt 800mm 360mm 230mm
197480 DIABLO Tank 70lt H.230mm / L.950mm w/o Plate 70lt 950mm 360mm 230mm
197481 DIABLO Tank 82lt H.230mm / L.1100mm w/o Plate 82lt 1100mm 360mm 230mm
197482 DIABLO Tank 49lt H.305mm / L.500mm w/o Plate 49lt 500mm 360mm 305mm
197483 DIABLO Tank 64lt H.305mm / L.650mm w/o Plate 64lt 650mm 360mm 305mm
197484 DIABLO Tank 78lt H.305mm / L.800mm w/o Plate 78lt 800mm 360mm 305mm
197485 DIABLO Tank 93lt H.305mm / L.950mm w/o Plate 93lt 950mm 360mm 305mm
197486 DIABLO Tank 108lt H.305mm / L.1100mm w/o Plate 108lt 1100mm 360mm 305mm