JERRYCAN Fuel Portable Tanks with Spout

JERRYCAN line of portable outboard motor fuel tanks with spout is designed in odor-free high-density polyethylene material in red colour. Polyethylene material is used to avoid rust and has a longer lifetime, contrary to metal tanks. All codes have a top handle that makes them very stable in use and easy to grip and carry, if needed. Their specially designed bottom in large dimensions achieves better stability when placed. The line consists of a full-size range of 5L, 10L, 15L and 22L, complying with international standards and is used for fuel collection and storage.
All contain a vented cap with seal, and they are being supplied with a spout.

Code Title Capacity Length Width Height
43598 JERRYCAN Portable Fuel Tank 10lt, w/ Spout 10lt 300mm 240mm 250mm
43600 JERRYCAN Portable Fuel Tank 15lt, w/ Spout 15lt 300mm 240mm 330mm
43602 JERRYCAN Portable Fuel Tank 22lt, w/ Spout 22lt 300mm 245mm 440mm
43604 JERRYCAN Portable Fuel Tank 5lt, w/ Spout 5lt 300mm 240mm 185mm