INDUSTRIAL Access Deck Hatches with Detachable Cover

The Access Hatch with Detachable Cover is made of tough UV-resistant PP (polypropylene), impervious to chemical solvents, and are ideal for both internal and external use. It features a completely detachable door for ease of use, handles, that can be fitted with a lock, and a sealed gasket. The non-skid surface and the hidden screws are additional important features. Available in white and grey colour.

Code Title Model Colour A B C D H I
11105 INDUSTRIAL Access Hatch w/Detach.Cover,316x360mm,White Standard White 316mm 360mm 226mm 276mm 250mm 300mm
11106 INDUSTRIAL Access Hatch w/Detach.Cover316x360mm,Grey Standard Grey 316mm 360mm 226mm 276mm 250mm 300mm