“24 hours” Vent

“24 hours” vent is completely automatic as it works with solar energy in sunny days and batteries, during night time. Forced ventilation is controlled through a dynamic impeller which turns clockwise to inflow and counter clockwise to exhaust air. The user adjusts the vent on the corresponding function through on/off switches. Active air movement absorbs moisture and refreshes the interior of your boat completely. Simultaneously, when water enters the vent special balls inside, it blocks its entry to achieve absolute impermeability. “24 hours” vents are made of white plastic. The vent 99689 is equipped with Inox plated cover.

Water pushes the special balls inside the vent to shut ventilation holes and ensure absolute impermeability.

Solar panel
Operates with Solar Energy.
Activation with on/off switches

Rechargeable battery, charged automatically by the solar panel. Activation with on/off switches.

Three functions PCB to activate solar function, activate battery function and modify fan function from clockwise to counter clockwise turn.

Code Title Diameter Cut area (mm) Cover
99688 ''24 hours'' vent, diam. 20cm, white 20cm 95 White
99689 "24 hours" Vent, Ø20cm, Inox Plated 20cm 95 Inox