Ventilators & Connector "EVO"

“EVO” ventilators achieve natural air circulation in the interior of your boat. They improve air quality, reduce humidity and eliminate carbon dioxide concentration indoors. Healthy atmosphere relaxes the crew and prolongs electrical devices life. “EVO” ventilators 70231 and 70235 are made of polypropylene and 70234 and 70238 are made of ABS. They come in rectangular and square shape and they can be combined with connector 70239 for better performance. You will find “EVO” ventilators in white, black, grey and chrome colour.

“EVO” connector is attached on ventilators to support the bulkhead of your boat. The advantage of this connector is its unique design, which prevents heavy water inflows in rough sailing. “EVO” connector is made of polypropylene and comes in white colour.

Code Title Colour Dimensions Material
70231 EVO Ventilation Shaft Grilles Cover, 185x92,5x16mm, White White 185x92,5x16mm Highly Resistant Plastic
70234 EVO Ventilation Shaft Grilles Cover, 185x92,5x16mm, Chrome Chrome 185x92,5x16mm ABS
70235 EVO Ventilation Shaft Grilles Cover, 92,5x92,5x16mm,, White White 92,5x92,5x16mm Highly Resistant Plastic
70238 EVO Ventilation Shaft Grilles Cover, 92,5x92,5x16mm, Chrome Chrome 92,5x92,5x16mm ABS
70239 EVO Ventilator Connector, 80x80x70mm, White White 80x80x70mm ABS