Disinfect Sanitizing Release Unit 'DSRU'

The DSRU is a unit that keeps your toilet bowl clean and free from limescale. The unit should be attached to the pipe, where water flows from the flush pump to the toilet.
As water is pumped towards the bowl, it sucks a quantity of the disinfectant inhibiting limescale. It also colours the water (green or blue) and deodorizes.

Each unit is supplied with two tablets, ‘Marine’ (blue) and ‘Pine’ (green) scent respectively. The tablets are also sold separately, but the DSRU is designed to fit any tablet in the
market smaller than 30 x 30 x 40mm.

The DSRU is very easy to install, requires minimum maintenance and has a discreet and compact design.

Code Title
11865 Disinfect Sanitizing Release Unit 'DSRU'