Electric Marine Toilet, LT - 0E & LT - 1E

The Electric Toilets LT-0E and LT-1E can be supplied as either 12V or 24V and have been designed to make your life on board easier, due to their self-priming double action pumps.
By just pushing the on/off switch, which can be installed anywhere in the toilet cabin, you activate the pump and while fresh water rinses in the bowl, the macerator
grinds up and pumps out the waste.

The LT Electric Toilets can be easily installed either above or below the waterline. Please note that when they are installed below the waterline, it is necessary to use an anti-siphon loop for preventing water inflow into the interior.
Furthermore, the toilets are supplied either with a compact (LT-0E) or a regular bowl (LT-1E). Additionally, the LT toilets have been designed with a quick fit locking mechanism, which allows you to easily remove the pump’s base, in order to clean the exposed waste surfaces. All parts are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Code Title A B C Amps Volt Description
11874 Electric Marine Toilet, LT - 0E, 12V 325mm 420mm 375mm 12-15 12 LT-0E
11875 Electric Marine Toilet, LT - 0E, 24V 325mm 420mm 375mm 6-8 24 LT-0E
11876 Electric Marine Toilet, LT - 1E, 12V 365mm 480mm 385mm 12-15 12 LT-1E
11877 Electric Marine Toilet, LT - 1E, 24V 365mm 480mm 385mm 6-8 24 LT-1E