Marine Manual Toilet LT-0 & LT-1

The LT-0 and LT-I Toilets are especially designed for long term use. They are available in two sizes: compact (LT-0) and regular (LT-I). Both can be easily installed above or below the waterline. If they are installed below the waterline, it is necessary to use an anti-siphon loop to prevent water inflow into the interior.

Furthermore, these toilets can be installed with the pump either at the right or the left side of the porcelain bowl. The valves have been designed for a longer and more reliable service life.
The drain plug has been designed with a quick fit locking mechanism for easier and more effective drainage of the toilets.

All parts are made of corrosionresistant materials.

Code Title Description A B C
11412 Marine Manual Toilet LT-I LT-1 485mm 480mm 340mm
11510 Marine Manual Toilet LT-0 LT-0 450mm 420mm 340mm