Deck fillers with Cap

The Deck Filler range includes deck fillers suitable for water, fuel and waste. They are designed in such a way that the full lid area is totally covered, which makes the final look much more attractive. Each
deck filler can have a different function, which will always be clear - by using the relevant sticker (water, fuel, waste) included in each filler’s packaging. They are made of highly resistant plastic and in 38mm
and 50mm diameter.
Available option with a chrome plated cap.

Code Title Diam. D1 (mm) H H1 Diam. D (mm) Diam. D2 (mm) Diam for tube
99567 Deck Filler Ø38mm Tube w/ Cap 38 (1-1/2'') 84 66 92 55 38 (1-1/2'')
99568 Deck Filler Ø50mm Tube w/ Cap 50 (2'') 84 66 92 55 50 (2'')