Two-way Speakers

- Non-magnetic so as not to disturb instruments or compasses

- Waterproof & corrosion-resistant

- With clip-on ASA cover

- Set of 2 speakers




New Catalogue!

A must-have for all marine professionals!

Solar Powered Marine Light

- Multi-purpose detachable light

- Automatically activated

- Eco-friendly

- Operation of more than 10 hours

- 3 LEDs for all around luminosity of 1.2 cd


Marine Horns

- Easy installation

- UV & Water-resistant

- Made of ASA

- Electromagnetic type


Bilge Pumps


Strong and reliable motor.

100% True efficiency in Gallons value

Available also with environmental electronic level Switch

Nuova Rade

Expertise over 60 years in Plastic Boating Accessories & Equipment

Nuova Rade is a leading company in design, production and sale of plastic accessories for boating trade. Its leadership is the result of more than 60 years of industrial experience in this field, placed at disposal of yachtsmen and boating professionals all over the world.

Nuova Rade Catalogue 2017

The company may rely on the production of more than 850 items, among which: buoys, lifebuoys, hatches, boat hooks and fuel tanks. Its wide range of products, together with the quality of its production, may completely meet the expectations of the most exigent customers.

During the years, Nuova Rade developed an extraordinary expertise in plastic raw materials know-how by using different technologies, such as injection, rotational and blow moulding.

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